Shipping and Payment Information
Unless requested we do not keep your credit card information on file.

While it would be too much to expect that we can please everyone, we try. We spend a
          lot of time looking for the ways to save you money on shipping charges.
Payment is required in full within 30 days of receipt of your order. Payment methods include the above mentioned credit cards or by check upon receipt of invoice. 

Our shipments are processed using several methods, depending on the size of the order and the expected turnaround time.  You can take advantage of our many hours negotiating rates with some of the best freight carriers such as UPS, FedEx Freight, New Penn Motor Freight, Con-Way Central Express (CCX), etc and we will pre-pay and add the shipping costs to your invoice, or you can choose to ship collect with your choice of carrier and have the freight charges billed directly to you.  You should notify us or your collect carrier if you do not have a shipping dock and the shipment will require an inside delivery.

Order Status
Email or call 800-887-9399 to check the status or your order.

Return Policy
No merchandise will be accepted without prior authorization. Claims must be made within THIRTY DAYS from the date received. Illustrations are not to scale, please check dimensions before ordering, or request samples for window placement. All dimensions are approximate, within 1/16" due to technical limitations. We will not pay return freight unless there was a fault on our part.

Loss or Damage Due to Shipping
If we have shipped your order and the product is damaged Brandywine Envelope Corp. will process the damage claim with the carrier.

1.  Damage claims must be filed upon receipt of goods to expedite a claim settlement. Call or E-mail Brandywine Envelope Corp. immediately if you have shipping damage.
2.  Brandywine Envelope Corp. needs to know the following about each damage package: 
                       a) The tracking number. 
                       b) The date that you received the package. 
                       c) The carrier that delivered the damaged package.
3.  All the original packing material must be kept for inspection by the shipper. Please repack the damaged items in the original box and position, as they were when you received it.